The next day

Straining my eyes in the the daylight, trying to figure out everything around. Thankful to my parents to let me live, unlike the others in india where at first when they get to know it’s a girl, they slit off her throat and throw her out in some black polythene.

Trying hard to adjust to the light,  I could see the room decorated with all those pretty posters and hangings any baby would get attracted to.

I was laying awake in the pram, wondering what my parents would be like. What has my life held ahead for me.

Few hours later, I could hear the giggles of my elder sister, looking in amazment at me, as if she had never seen such beautiful creation of god. I  thought she was really fascinating with all those pretty earing and bangles she wore.

She had gotten her friend with her though, I suppose they were arguing that should I be called. After a lot of discussion, they still did not come to a conclusion, mom called them out for few snacks. They rushed out at the sound of the whistle. 

Mommy came walking in the room. She was on of the most wounderful women I had meet in my life. My stomach was growling too, she understood it was my food time too. She fead me and sang in her most sweet voice, singing me lullabies and putting me to sleep.


The beggining

It all started at noon. When the doc toke me out of the darkness, the first ray of light hit my eyes, my umbra was slit cut, at last I was seprated from my mom forever, practically.

Blood blood all around, tempreture in the the room went from high to direct cold. Tears and screaming , god knows for what, made everyone happy.

The doc moved around, holding me in his huge hands,saying “Its a girl, congratulation .”

Those were the last words i heard and then all of a sudden….

Again. All went dark.